“How Far I’ll Go” – Beginner Lyrical Dance Pt 2.
Length: 13:21
Description: Hello everyone!  This video is a continuation of Part 1 and at the end of the video, we’ll be adding the moves from Part 1 to Part 2. I hope you enjoy it!

5 Easy Jazz Dance Moves
Length: 15:27
Description: Hello VIA Dancers.  This video introduces 5 easy jazz dance moves for beginner dancers. I go over the steps super slow and at the end of the demonstration we will try the moves to a song! Enjoy! 

Fun Up-Tempo Dance Routine
Length: 14:28
Description: Join Kristina for a short but fun and up-tempo dance routine to the song “Dance Through the Day” by Jojo Siwa.  This is a beginner and intermediate dance level so take your time and make sure to warm up before you start. Let’s do it!

How To Be Together
Length: 1:27
Description: Follow along with Dance Mentor Kristina and learn “How To Be Together!”

Quick and Easy Dance Warm Up
Length: 9:44
Description:  Follow along with Dance Mentor Kristina as she shows students a quick and easy dance warm up!

Dance Routine with Kristina!
Length: 9:12
Description:  Join Kristina and get your energy up with this fun and easy dance routine!

“How Far I’ll Go” – Beginner Lyrical Dance Pt. 1
Length: 18:06
Description:  Hello students! Join Kristina, OV Dance Mentor, to learn a fun and easy lyrical dance routine.  This is Part 1 of 2!

Ribbon Dance 1
Length: 8:35
Description: Kristina shows you a beautiful, flowing dance with ribbons.

Ribbon Dance 2
Length: 12:30
Description: A continuation of Kristina’s Ribbon Dance Tutorial – Part 2!

Tap Your Toes
Length: 3:07
Description: Follow along dance with Kristina that you can tap your toes to!

Good Morning Song
Length: 2:25
Description: Follow along with Dance Mentor Kristina and do the “Good Morning Song!”

Follow Along Dance Activity – with the Laurie Berkner Band
Length: 13:42
Description: The Laurie Berkner Band has some amazing songs to dance and move along to! Put on those listening ears and let’s get moving! Enjoy! 

Easy Beginner Contemporary Dance Routine
Length: 16:26
Description: A super easy contemporary dance routine that you can do at home or in a small space. Enjoy a gentle warm up and step by step instructions! 

Follow Along Dance Class
Length: 8:52
Description: Kristina has a fun follow along dance class for you!

Dancing Dice
Length: 10:29
Description: Roll the dice and see what dance moves you can do!

Follow Along Dance Activity
Length: 16:07
Description: Fun follow along dance activity to get your body moving! Incorporates jazz and hip-hop styles. Keep some water close by and you are good to go! 

Eye of the Tiger
Length: 18:14
Description: Here is an energetic dance routine to “Eye of the Tiger”. You get bonus points if you make tiger faces! Enjoy!

Yoga Lesson: Stretching and Relaxation
Length: 48:19
Description: This lesson takes you through a number of stretches, helps you clear your mind, and find stillness. Enjoy!

All in this Together – from High School Musical
Length: 25:25
Description: Have fun learning these High School Musical dance moves to the song “All in This Together”. Enjoy!