Art Videos

Length 6:10
Description:  Tracing circles on paper with a coffee mug creating shapes and then coloring them in.  

Giraffe Drawing
Length: 2:26
Description: Follow along and create your own giraffe!

Working with Triangles!
Length: 4:46
Description: Follow along with this technique to make fun and funky triangles!

Length: 8:11
Description: Follow along with Stanley for a folding and coloring project! 

Length: 12:18
Description: Creating shapes using different shapes and lines 

Length: 9:56
Description:  Creating unique patterns using a pencil, colored pencils, a cup, and a square box

Drawing an Elephant
Length: 1:41
Description: Follow along and learn how to draw an elephant!

Cat Drawing
Length: 2:20
Description: Follow along with Brent and learn how to draw a cat by using simple shapes!

How to Draw a Fish
Length: 1:25
Description: Dive “under the sea” and draw a fish!

A Landscape Scene
Length: 4:36
Description: Grab some crayons and create your own landscape scene

Underwater Ocean Scene
Length: 2:02
Description: You’ve created a fish, now you can draw your own ocean with this underwater scene

Drawing Faces
Length: 6:45
Description: Stanley shows you how to create faces using household items!

Length: 9:05
Description: Creating Infinity angles with pencils and colored pencils 

Layered Squares
Length: 10:31
Description: Creating infinity squares with Stanley 

Painting Project with Heather
Length: 7:46
Description: A fun painting project using items you can find at home!

Angles with OV Art Mentor Stanley
Length: 6:37
Description: Art Mentor Stanley works with angles in this art instruction video!

Geometric Design
Length: 14:49
Description: Use lines, patterns and colors to create a cool geometric design!

Marbled Paper
Length: 25:08
Description: Art Mentor Heather shows you how to marble paper – great for hanging on your wall or making cards!

Coloring Pages
Length: 10:27
Description: Heather shares with you a way to make your very own coloring pages!

Abstract Art Lesson
Length: 9:40
Description: Art Mentor Heather teaches how to make really cool abstract art. 

Length: 10:07
Description: Stanley creates artwork with the use of triangles!

Loops and Swirls
Length: 8:28
Description: Get squiggly with Brent as he shows you a way to make art with loops and swirls!

Circles 2
Length: 9:42
Description: More circular art with Brent!

Easy Valentine Hearts 1
Length: 4:47
Description: Heather makes colorful hearts for Valentine’s Day!

Easy Valentine Hearts 2
Length: 3:59
Description: Using zigzag lines, Heather shows you another way to make Valentine’s Day hearts!

Easy Valentine Hearts 3
Length: 4:58
Description: Heather makes Valentine’s hearts with swirls.

Bubble Letters
Length: 5:59
Description: Art Mentor Stanley shows you how to create words with big, bubbly letters!

Hand Tree
Length: 8:08
Description: “I Am Groot.” Trace your hand onto a piece of paper and make a tree! You thought it was going to be a turkey, didn’t you? 🙂 

Smiling Sun
Length: 9:46
Description: Here comes the sun! Stanley shows you one of his favorite drawings.

Triangle Doggies!
Length: 29:49
Description: Follow along with Heather as she teaches you how to make Triangle Doggies! Feel free to refer to the DIY lesson on Triangle Doggies as well. 

Happy Bugs
Length: 14:30
Description: Follow along with Art Mentor Stanley as he draws Happy Bugs!

Sponge Paintings
Length: 4:10
Description: Fun art project using sponges to paint!

Jellyfish Drawing
Length: 3:44
Description: Follow along with Art Mentor Brent as he draws Jellyfish!

Geo Bird
Length: 11:59
Description: Follow along with Art Mentor Stanley as he draws a bird!

Old Timey Truck
Length: 9:39
Description: Follow along with Stanley as he teaches you how to draw an old timey truck!

Drawing a Funny Monster
Length: 4:46
Description: Stanley and Kim teach students how to draw a funny monster!

Drawing a Funny Monster Pt. 2
Length: 5:00
Description: Part 2 of Stanley and Kim teaching students how to draw a funny monster!

Drawing a Cartoon Dinosaur
Length: 5:59
Description: Follow along with Stanley and Kim as they draw a cartoon dinosaur!